We are able to offer several sets of alternative Gear ratios for Caterham and Westfield cars which use the Ford Type 9 Gearbox.

By Upgrading ratios over the standard Ford ratios which have been installed in both factory and home built cars the performace and drivability can be completley  transformed with a close ratio gearset.

The main benifits are a longer more useable 1st gear ratio which is a common issue with lightweight 7 type cars better spaced close ratios allow the car to stay within the powerband of the engine utilising all of the torque we offer several ratio sets in either helical of Semi helical kits depending on your intended use.

For cars fitted with the Ford sigma engines we can offer a custom made one piece input shaft a common week point as original factory supplied boxes had a welded hybrid input shaft which often fractures ! causing loss of drive

 This option is available on  both our Semi Helical boxes and FM275 sports touring Boxes  This allows you to upgrade your ratios without the hassle of changing clutch set up !

Transmissions and drive trains are often overlooked when improving performance the truth is without the right gear ratios  you will not gain the true performance of any engine tuning !

We also offer alloy maincase upgrades, heavy duty full roller bearing mainshafts, alloy top lids with extended breather pipe, Heavy Duty 3rd/4th gear inner hubs, Heavy duty gear lever saddles the list goes on  !

If you would like to know more please get in touch we can supply gear calculations for each ratio set to compare


01462 896685 or Email paul@firstmotion.co.uk