Ford 2000e Gearbox Rebuild and repair
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Ford 2000E Gearbox Rebuild and repair

We stock a wide range of parts for the Ford 2000E 3 rail Gearbox and offer a Full rebuild and repair service on all Ford 2000e gearboxes

Prices start from £495.00 + vat our price includes labour to strip and rebuild your existing gearbox with new Qaulity branded bearings,gaskets and oil seals.

Should other parts be required on inspection these will be charged at extra cost.

We offer U.K wide & International collection and delivery service


The Ford 2000E Gearbox is a medium duty 4 speed box with three selector rails and all cast iron casing. And has been manufactured with various gear selector positions; steering column change, two types of floor change and remote floor change. 7/8″ x 20 spline input shaft. And is Often referred to as the ‘Bullet’  or 3 rail gearbox, although Bullet actually refers to only GT/RS spec three rail boxes that were fitted with close gear ratios as standard.  This gearbox is commonly Fitted to the following cars.

  • Ford Cortina Mk1
  • Ford Cortina Mk2 to 1968
  • Ford Lotus Cortina Mk1 / Mk2 to 1968
  • Ford Escort RS1600 / Mexico
  • Ford Escort Twin Cam
  • Morgan
  • Lotus Elan
  • Caterham 7

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First motion Transmissions offer various upgrades for the Ford 2000e gearbox and we regularly rebuild these Gearboxes for road/Fast Road/Race applications

  • Straight Cut Gear Kits
  • Semi Helical Gear Kits
  • Close ratio Gear kits
  • Uprated Bearings
  • Alloy Main Case
  • Alloy Tail Case
Ford 2000E Gearbox Rebuild Reconditioned parts