Ford Type 9 Gearbox Modified close ratio

First Motion Transmissions offer a comprehensive range of  Ford Type 9 close ratio Gearboxes fitted with modified gear ratios for Road, Fast Road and Race applications built to exacting standards to ensure Reliability both on the Road or Track
We also rebuild repair and supply Tracsport,  Quaife, Tran x and Semi helical 5 speed Ford Type 9 Gearboxes

Gear Ratios Available

FM298 2.0 Long 1st Gear

1st       2nd     3rd      4th      5th

2.98     1.97     1.37     1.0         0.82

FM283 Road & Track

1st       2nd      3rd       4th       5th

2.83     1.81     1.26     1.0          0.82 or 0.85

FM275 Sports Touring

1st       2nd      3rd       4th       5th

2.75     1.69     1.23     1.0      0.81

FM266 Pro Road & Track

1st       2nd      3rd       4th       5th

2.66     1.75     1.26     1.0       0.82 /0.84/0.86/0.89

Please Call or email to discuss your requirments further

​+44 (0)1462 896685

All units can be built with long or short input shaft

Heavy duty 3rd & 4th selector hub and syncro option available

Heavy Duty large roller race laygear and layshaft options available for 140bhp +

All Units built with helical gearsets for strength and quite running