Ford Type 5 Gearbox Rebuilds and repair
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Ford Type 5 Rebuild

The Ford Type 5 4 speed Gearbox, is of 3 rail Design with 3 selector rods and is a heavy duty Version of the popular 2000E Gearbox, and was fitted to early Ford V6 models, with all cast iron casings. It can also be found in Scimitar and Gilburn cars depending on model the Ford Type 5 has a several gear change options these include top gear selector mounted rods, side gear selector mounted rods or Direct screw on gear lever to the rear tail housing  1″ x 23 spline input shaft. Fitted in:

  • Ford Capri 3.0
  • Ford Capri 2.8 
  • Ford Granada Mk1 3.0
  • Ford Granada Mk2 2.8
  • Scimitar
  • Gilburn

We stock a  range of parts for the Ford Type 5 and offer a rebuild service Starting from £495.00 + vat