Ford BC4, BC5, IB5 Gearbox Rebuilds and repair
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Ford BC4 BC5 IB5 Gearbox rebuild

The Ford BC gearbox series is available in two versions the BC4 4 speed or BC5 5 speed and is a compact Front wheel drive Gearbox and was fitted to early 80’s Front wheel drive Ford Fiesta, Ford Escort and Ford Orion. The Ford BC gearbox was later  superseded by the Later IB5 box. 20mm x 17 spline input shaft. Fitted in:

  • Ford Fiesta Mk1 / Mk2 / Mk3
  • Ford Escort / Orion Mk3 / Mk4 / Mk5 

We stock a  range of parts for the Ford BC4, BC5 & Ib5 and offer a rebuild service Starting from £495.00 + vat

We offer Limited slip diff upgrades on all BC4, BC5, and IB5 Gearboxes

  • Straight Cut Gear kit options
  • Uprated bearing options 
  • For Fast road and race applications
Ford Escort BC 5 gearboxx