Ford Type 9 Spares

We are pleased to offer an exstensive range of High quality spares and overhaul parts

Type 9 Rebuild kit £225.00

Mainshaft rear bearing 
Input shaft front bearing 
Mainshaft needle roller
Laygear rear bearing
Laygear needle rollers X 21 Long
Oil seal kit
Gasket kit

Type 9 Oil Seal Kit £ 16.50

Front Input shaft oil seal

Rear Outputshaft oil seal

Speedo oil seal

Type 9 Gasket Kit £9.50

1 x Front cover gasket
1 x Bellhousing to gearbox case gasket
1 x Top cover lid gasket
2 x Gearbox sandwich plate gasket to main case and tail case

Type 9 syncros rings each

1st Gear syncro ring £16.50

2nd Gear syncro Ring £16.50

3rd Gear syncro ring £18.50

4th Gear syncro ring £18.50

5th Gear syncro Ring £16.50

Syncro Ring Kit £85.50

Includes all 5 syncro rings

Type 9 Plastic Drive Gears £35.50 Each

Available tooth counts




Type 9 speedo cap and oil seal £ 9.95

We also stock a Large and exstensive range of Ford Type 9 Gears/Gearkits Hubs and shafts please email/call for prices