Ford Type 9 Semi Helical Gearbox
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Ford Type 9 Semi Helical Gearbox


Built with possibly the best semi helical Ford Type 9 gear kit available on the market today !

Gear ratios available

1st 2.482 or 2.29  2nd 1.61 3rd 1.225  4th 1:1   5th .87 or .82 

With Gear ratios close to Fords Competition “Rocket” Ratios used in Fords 70’s competition cars it is Ideally suited to Clubman rally cars, kit cars and classic road going Fast Fords including Escorts, Capris, Cortina’s the list goes on! Ideal for Road Track and Competition use

 The 0.82 5th gear pair has been designed with an increased helix angle and finer tooth pitch for quieter running in 5th and is ideal for touring. The tooth profiles are much larger than Ford original specification and are similar to a typical Straight cut gear, however the amount of engine torque this gear kit can be used with is greater than a typical s/cut gear kit.

Gears are cut to a angle of 25 degree’s, this reduces end thrust friction within the gear case but still maintains more than one tooth driving at any one time, this is obviously stronger than one at a time as in s/cut gearbox it is also around 95% quieter than a straight cut gearbox

The gears are fully shaved after gear cutting to perfect the gear form.

First and second gears are fitted with caged needle roller bearings to reduce friction and aid lubrication in other areas the gear kit has also been lightened. The benefit of this is reduced spinning mass within the gearset and weighs 1.112 kg less than a standard Ford helical gear kit.

 This produces the following benefits of enhanced synchro life and a faster, lighter gear change.

It also employs a large roller bearing lay gear and modified layshaft for increased torque capabilities.

Full needle roller main shaft upgrade also available

A range of input shaft lengths are available including Ford long/short and Caterham sigma 

We can build these gearboxes into either standard Ford cases or Full alloy main case with alloy top lid and breather

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further on 01462 896685 or email

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